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Want to enjoy shopping without having to spend a lot of time looking for a parking space or carrying heavy shopping bags around? No problem. Every day, more than 5,500 vehicles park in the more than 2,200 affordable parking spaces directly adjacent to our centre.

Maximum entry height: 2.10 m

The car park operator has changed the parking system in the ELBE shopping centre with immediate effect.


A new parking management system has been installed in all car parks that significantly improves the convenience factor at entrances and exits as well as the payment processes at the payment machines. It also enables parking prices to be set dynamically and adapted to the parking behaviours of the car park users.

The new price structure will be homogeneous. When you drive in, you will see the current hourly rate (for each full or partial hour) on a digital display.

This price will then apply for each full or partial hour, regardless of how long you park on the respective day.


Our multistorey car parks have a dynamic pricing system in which the hourly rate varies according to the utilisation of the car park.

The tariff displayed upon entry is valid for the entire duration of your visit. It will not change at a later time.

  • Each full or partial hour from €0.50
  • Daily maximum: €15
  • Lost ticket: €15

Please remember to always validate your parking ticket at the payment machine after your visit (except with prepaid parking cards and long-term parking cards).

If you have any questions about the new pricing system, please contact easytoparkececom.


  • From shopping straight to your car: no waiting or tedious searching for money 
  • Top up at payment machines at any time 
  • 10% bonus on top of the prepaid amount, e.g. €10 for a parking value of €11


Dear Customers,

  • You can pay by cash or card.
  • The following cards are accepted:
    • Mastercard
    • VisaCard
    • Maestro
    • Vpay
    • (incl. debit card: former EC card)

If the aforementioned cards are integrated into a smartphone, payments can also be made using mobile devices.

  • Prepaid parking cards can also continue to be used. Topping up is done via a card reader on the machine; inserting the card is no longer necessary.
  • Please always go to the payment machines.
  • Card payments are debited in the name of Pollux.

If there are any problems with the machine or with the entrance or exit, please press the info button as per usual.

We have also made the switch from plastic tickets to paper tickets. These are more sustainable and easier to recycle.